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Lesley Swartz R.P., Psychotherapy

Navigating the Unknown Together

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Navigating the unknown can be scary. You don’t have to do it alone.

No matter what you are struggling with – anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship conflict, grief, stress, or life transitions, it can help to have another person to walk the path with you—someone to offer embodied empathy and act as a guide, companion, and co-creator of new possibilities in your life.

In more than a dozen years of experience as a therapist in private practice, I have witnessed clients discover internal resources they didn’t know they had, finally feel safe enough to be vulnerable and take emotional risks, and learn effective ways to communicate their needs to others so they no longer need to rely only on themselves. 


Boat on Still Water

I am a psychotherapist because I believe in the power of relationships and our capacity to re-shape our lives when we have the support we need. Therapy allows us to access our own internal resources so that we can make changes to create a meaningful life.

I have been a therapist in private practice for more than twelve years, but I have also done a lot of my own therapy over the years. I have experienced trauma and loss and the feeling that my world has fallen apart. I have struggled to rebuild my life and found hope in therapeutic relationships, as well as in personal engagement with artmaking.


I have seen firsthand the power of the therapeutic relationship to provide a space in which someone can notice what is holding them back, make choices about where to adjust or grow, and become the whole person that they naturally are.


It is my belief that investing in therapy is a long-term commitment to yourself that transforms your way of being with yourself, others, and with the larger world.


My role as a therapist is to stay attuned and present with you, to be deeply curious and respectful of your process, and to be a companion and guide in a co-creative journey that leads to the continual re-shaping of your world.  I will encourage you and supportively challenge you along your way to the growth you have been longing for.



Individual therapy

Couples therapy

Small group therapy

Individual Clinical supervision

Dyadic Clinical supervision




• Unfortunately, psychotherapy services are not yet covered by O.H.I.P. 


• Some insurance companies do now cover psychotherapy services, and you will need to check with yours if you have one to find out if and how much they cover.  Payments are made directly to me at the end of each session and then you would file reimbursement claims independently.


• I am required to pay H.S.T., so a13% H.S.T. is included in the following fees:


1 hour therapy session with 1 individual:  $150.00. (H.S.T. included)


1 hour therapy session with a couple: $160.00 (H.S.T. included)


2 hour small group therapy session (3 people minimum): $60.00 per person (H.S.T. included).  Please inquire if you are interested.  These small groups happen a few times per year.

1 hour individual clinical supervision session:  $140.00 (H.S.T. included)


1 hour clinical supervision session with 2 people: $70.00/person (H.S.T. included)


Please note that individual therapy and supervision sessions can be done by video conference.  Please ask about this possibility if this is something you are interested in.


Payment is accepted in cash, cheque or e-transfer at the end of each session.  I will issue receipts on a regular basis.


I have a couple of sliding scale spots available for a limited duration of time for students and/or people experiencing financial barriers.


Cancellation Policy


There is no charge for cancellations that are made 24 hours or more in advance.  However, when cancellations are made with less than 24 hours notice, the full amount of the session is charged as I have reserved this time in my schedule specifically for you.

Services and Fees
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